Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two More Great Openings

Diane Savino (at left), curator and egg tempera artist, discussing her work at Tabla Rasa Gallery in Brooklyn

original art (c) Diane Savino 2009
Diane Savino's daughter, Brielle, was the inspiration for her egg tempera portrait, "Not Out of the Woods", one of her beautiful paintings on display at Tabla Rasa Gallery

Fred Wessel discussing his egg tempera portraits with patrons & friends at ACA Gallery in Manhattan
Pavel Ouporov & Suzanne Scherer share a smile with Diane Savino and friends at ACA Gallery

I'm working on two more drawings--- a pastel of Terry, and one more drawing of Kimberly, and hope to post progress on both soon, but I wanted to share a few photos from two more openings I've attended this month involving some of my egg tempera colleagues.  On April 4th I attended the opening at ACA Gallery of  "Layered Luminescence:  The Art of Egg Tempera," featuring the work of Robert Vickrey, Fred Wessel, Suzanne Scherer & Pavel Ouporov, and Doug Safranek. 

Robert Vickrey's great book, "New Techniques in Egg Tempera" gave me my first exposure to egg tempera painting in 1976.  The opening was packed, and colleagues in attendance were husband/wife painting team, Suzanne Scherer and Pavel Ouporov, Fred Wessel, and Diane Savino.

It was great that Diane & her family came back to New York this weekend for her participation in the group show "Pioneer Women" at Tabla Rasa Gallery in Brooklyn, and afterward she visited with me in my studio to see some of my latest work.  Diane curated a great group show that I participated in called "Egg Tempera:  An Enduring Tradition" which travelled the east coast to various college and museum venues. 


DEB said...

I wish some galleries would open up around here...this looks fun!

L.Holm said...

I remember my cousin did a painting in college in egg tempera that was luminous, but I never ran across anyone using it during my art class days. It's a shame! We would hear about it in art history, but not in studio classes. I just spotted another article on Koo Schadler's work, and then found your blog. Am so happy to be learning more about the medium, and seeing the extraordinary work you are doing.

artbyakiko said...

I'm not familiar with egg tempera. Saw once on TV how it's done. Looks difficult to mix colors, but very interesting. Some of my favorite paintings by Andrew Wyeth were done in egg tempera.

Mona said...

Thanks Liz, Koo Schadler is another egg tempera colleague who I support by attending her openings about once a year at J. Cacciola Gallery in Manhattan. I feel it is so important for artists to mutually support one another's show efforts whenever possible.

When it's my own show opening in New York, Deb, I'm inviting anyone who wants to travel to New York to attend!!

I hope to demonstrate via video how I mix my egg tempera medium soon on one of my two blogs. It's really nothing too difficult for anyone who paints in either water-based or oil based paints to master with a little practice.

In 30 years, egg tempera is still my #1 favorite medium, so if it excites and interests you Liz, I'm so glad. I'm posting updates on several egg tempera paintings very soon.