Friday, April 24, 2009

Mentors of My Art

original art (c) Fred Wessel 2008
"Contemplating Fibonacci's Spiral," by Fred Wessel, 34" x 27", egg tempera with gold, silver, and palladium leaf 

detail showing the red jewel in her hand in "Language of the Birds"

original art, (and detail of original art) (c) Scherer & Ouporov 2008
"Language of the Birds," by Suzanne Scherer & Pavel Ouporov, 24" x 18", egg tempera, semi-precious gems, and gold leaf on poplar panel

I wanted to include these examples of Fred's art, and Pasha & Suzanne's art, with my post on their opening, but it was a long post, and meanwhile I have been busy behind the scenes on three paintings myself.  In each artist's life there are those who offer helpful information and encouragement at just the right time, which somehow becomes absorbed and translates itself uniquely into aspects of one's own artistic journey.  Fred, Pasha, and Suzanne have played this roll in my life.  

When Pasha & Suzanne lived in Brooklyn before moving to Florida, they shared advice on icon painting, and the spiritual symbolism in the applications of water gilding.  They recommended lessons from a Russian master, Vladislav Andrejev, in whose icon writing studio I later studied for one year, and they also referred me to Pandora, makers of icon panels, who is still my valued supplier.  I recently learned from Fred Wessel about a kind of Japanese silver leaf which is dyed pink. Can you see it in his painting at the top of this post? Now I'm thinking about trying out some of this pink silver leaf on one of my "Mary" series panels.

From both artists I've learned about the value and beauty of non-commissioned portraiture, and felt spiritually and artistically enriched by their art.  Thank you Fred, Suzanne, and Pasha!

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L.Holm said...

absolutely amazing work from these great artists, too. Thanks for sharing their info and work with us. That pinkish silver leaf is intriguing. I was wondering what was creating that effect when I first looked at the post.