Friday, April 24, 2009

Commissioned Portrait

"Katie's Childhood Memories," 10" x 10," pastel and charcoal on toned gessoed paper

I have a small surprise coming up right before my panel update, and I'm working on the start of the pastel of Terry, but here is just one example of the commissioned portraits I do.  I enjoy doing both commissioned and non-commissioned portraiture.


artbyakiko said...

Beautiful portrait! I can almost feel how soft her hair is. Great job!

"Contemplating Fibonacci's Spiral" and "Language of the Birds" are absolutely stunning! Amazing works! They take my breath away.

Mona said...

Thank you Akiko.

pencilportraits said...

Stunning work, really unusual too, the hair looks as though you can touch it

DEB said...

Mona, One of the things I find so wonderful and unique about your art, is all the different media and supports you use. Charcoal and pastels are again media I rarely use, and I'm sure I'd struggle a bit if I picked up a stick - but you make it look so easy and delicate...just beautiful!

Mona said...

Thanks Karie-Ann. Thanks Deb, it might help if I mention I'm not using vine charcoal (I have a hard time with that too). I use charcoal pencils (both black charcoal and white charcoal) for better detail and control. My favorite brand is General's, because it makes a nice sharp point and it's pigment is dense.

This bluish-grey toned gesso paper is available from Dick Blick and other art stores, and it's called Colorfix (around $8 for a large sheet). It has a tinted gesso with a very slight grit painted on it, and it helps "grab" the charcoal and pastel. You can also buy colorfix gessoes and coat your own paper or panel with them (or tint your own gesso with acrylic paint if you are feeling really ambitious).

Kathleen Coy said...

Hi Mona! Getting caught up on blogs after being gone. You've been busy! I especially love seeing the photos of Kimberly with her bare feet, rose petals and beautiful belly. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

Dean Grey said...


I actually love the colors in this portrait the best.

The blues against the muted skin tones look so dramatic and eye catching!

Parts of her cheeks and hair appear to glow!