Monday, April 20, 2009

The 'Mary' in Kimberly, one more drawing with reference pictures

I'm working on a larger version of this drawing, but I wanted to post it with it's reference photos to show how I'm putting this one together.  I'll be doing a study of this pose from her head to her lap, and I'd like to later do a panel painting of the full figure including the rose petals on the floor.  

I also have at least one other pose I'll be doing of her wearing all white, with pale pink rose petals, but next will be an update on my panel painting, and the first installment of the pastel of Terry.


artbyakiko said...

Wow! Thanks for showing the reference photo! It's so dramatic especially because she is pregnant. Again I love that shadow on her face from her hair. Looking forward to seeing your sketches and paintings.

DEB said...

I didn't realize Kimberly was pregnant either! She is a beautiful woman, but the reference photos really do pale compared to your paintings of her - they just shine!

Lisa Faulkner Wright said...

Your drawing is coming along beautifully. Your regard for the model comes through in your sensitive touch and your layers of symbolism are wonderful.

Mona said...

Deb and Lisa, I'm glad to know it comes across this way, and thank you so much for your thoughts. Akiko, I'll share a little more about the photo-shoot of Kimberly in my next post.

Ernestina said...

Hello Mona, the detailed drawing that you do is fascinating, and the accuracy of your paintings is amazing, the personalities really shine trough. All I can say is congratulations for your beautiful work!
And thanks for commenting my stones, ciao! Ernestina

L.Holm said...

This is so beautiful! It's wonderful to see your photos, too--they are gorgeous as is Kimberly! What a glow :-)

Dean Grey said...


First off, how neat to not only see the work in progress but to see the model in the costume and posing as well.

Another amazing pencil drawing! So accurate looking, one would think you just traced it onto the paper.

So unbelievably good!