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Egg Tempera Workshop Dates

materials used in painting with egg tempera include yolk of egg and powder pigments

For those of you interested in learning first-hand about painting with the medium of egg tempera, the dates set so far for my Egg Tempera Workshop this summer in Brooklyn, NY are Thursday - Friday, August 5 -6. Please email for more information as it develops!

If there is enough interest for June too, I'll consider setting up a second workshop.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Step #1 of new egg tempera panel painting / Egg Tempera Workshop announcement

egg tempera panel painting in progress, detail of a 20" x 15 3/4" rectangular birch gesso panel (click image to see it larger)

This post represents three days of preparation for the start of a new egg tempera panel painting (transferring my drawing and laying in portions of my underpainting.) The drawing is a bit hard to capture in a digital photo because it is composed with the light blue lines of transfer paper (see the drawing in my previous post for details), but I will be showing this painting too in it's ongoing stages of progress as I continue to complete the first panel painting.

Some of you who have followed my blog will recall that it is quite normal for the first several layers of egg tempera on panel to be raw in appearance, but if anyone has questions in general about egg tempera painting, I want to let you know that I am planning to try an in-person egg tempera workshop this summer if at least 10 people would like to attend. Dates, cost, and details to come when I know how many are interested, but it will take place in Brooklyn, NY.

If you'd like to participate in my workshop, please email me at:, and please let me know also if you have a preference for doing it in June or in August.