Monday, September 23, 2013

My Latest Subject for the Divine in Each Person - Introducing Kat

I'd like to introduce my latest subject who is also a wonderful friend of mine, Catherine Marshall, or Kat, as she likes to be called.  We first met in grade school at recess, and many years later she contacted me because of how much she enjoyed my art, even in those early days, and how she was inspired by me even then.  How nice it was to be remembered for my art at such an early age!

Since then we have done one portrait commission together, but Kat has also posed and participated in The Divine in Each Person series for some beautiful reference pictures that I am so excited about painting, and yet I am continuing to work also with pictures of several other participants, including Terry, Kimberly, and Arlynne, and hoping to work with two other models soon, who are Sandra and Ana. 

Above is the start of my drawing planned for an egg tempera and oil with gilding panel of Kat, but there is more to this drawing not yet rendered which I will share in another post very soon I hope, reflecting symbolically some of Kat's experiences in the spiritual world and in the here and now too.