Friday, February 20, 2009

"The 'Mary' in Terry"

(click on the image for a larger view)

Recently I reconnected with a friend from high school days, Terry Sebastian.  Terry and I used to sit across from each other in art class, and we found each other again on Facebook.  Terry lives in Utah, but while spending time with family in PA, she made a trip to New York for two days to visit me before she went back home.  We had a great time, and I was delighted too that she agreed to do a wonderful photo session for "The 'Mary' in Terry."  Here is the first drawing I've done from our work together.  I hope I did justice to the photos I worked from for this try.

Thank you so much, Terry.  I'm really excited and grateful too over how we were able to reconnect with each other in this special way about art again, especially after so many years!

Terry enjoys abstract expressionist painting in encaustic.


artbyakiko said...

What a beautiful drawing! I love how this cloth wraps around her. And Terry is so beautiful!

Unknown said...

Thank YOU, Mona. I think you did more than justice with this - I feel flattered! It was great being with you in New York and reconnecting. I loved seeing what an artist's life is like in the Big Apple besides being able to participate in this project.

I love the drawing; however, you are quite generous with minimizing the bags and wrinkles! Seriously, though, I'm humbled and honored to be one of your subjects in this series. You're a special lady with a special gift and I'm honored to have you as a friend.


Mona Diane Conner said...

It is the same in how I view you too Terry. This is just a beginning, with much more to come, so stay tuned...

We were using a beautiful royal blue crushed velvet fabric for Terry's veil here, and it's better portraying in color, so I'm looking forward to doing a color study with also.