Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"The 'Mary' in Terry," and Terry's Prayer

"The 'Mary' in Terry", 25 1/2" x 19 1/2", pastel on La Carte pastel board

(detail view)  (click on the images to see them larger)

Terry's transition prayer for her mother, Mary Miller:

Dear God, 

Thank you for Mary and the beautiful life you have given her and us by being a part of this wonderful family.  Countless prayers have been sent on her behalf.  My prayer for her today is that she has the courage to let go and focus on that part of her that will never die.  That she see with her spiritual eyes that she is whole now.  That she remembers part of her is a part of You; that she is able to love and accept herself unconditionally right now exactly where and how she is - cancer and all.  Amen.

Over these past weeks my friend Terry has been taking care of her mother, Mary Miller, who has been very ill and will soon be making her transition.  So I am putting out a heartfelt request at this time to please surround her and her family in love and light with your thoughts and prayers.  It's fine if it's in your own words, but my suggestion is to use Terry's own words in the prayer above which she wrote for her mother.  It's inspiring and joyful in how Terry views this transition time in her family's life.

I'm also aware that a number of you who follow this blog have parents who are seriously ill, and two that I know of are Liz Holm's Mom and Deb Kierce's Dad, so let's keep all of them in our prayers.


L.Holm said...

Absolutely beautiful and masterful portrait, Mona.
Thank you for your kind words, and my prayers and love to Terry and Deb.

Edward Burton said...

She is absolutely exquisite, Mona.

DEB said...

Thank you Mona, Liz. And yes, I will be keeping Terry's and Liz's families in my prayers. Your portrait is stunning Mona. I really like the dark background, all the subtle highlights you are so masterful at.

arcobaleno said...

Very, very beautiful art!!!!

Kathleen Coy said...

These jewel-like colors make me swoon! It's so beautiful, Mona.

Mona said...

Thanks to all, and thanks also for your prayers.

Arcobaleno, ringraziamenti, and thank you for your visit.

artbyakiko said...

It has turned out to be so beautiful and now with Terry's prayer, this work is truly special. My prayers to Terry, Liz, and Deb.

Mona said...

Thank you Akiko, and thank you for your prayers.

Gary Keimig said...

very well done but then how could we expect anything less. great job.

Mona said...

Thank you Gary.

dominique eichi said...

Oh she is finished and beautiful. I just love the detail of the glowing purple line next to her blue shawl, it really makes it pop.
I pray in Jc name that you would send your HS to mary and all the others to fill them, nurture them, give them a hope and a future knowing they will be with you in your everlasting arms with your peace and love in their hearts.I pray for peace that passes understanding for the families caring for them at this time. Amen
I will keep praying

Dean Grey said...


This is just awesome!

Such a strong work of art! You ARE a modern master at pastels. Make no mistake about it.

The colors are so rich and blended so well that it appears to be an oil painting.

I had to look at the larger scan and still am not sure how you did this.

Just great!