Monday, May 18, 2009

Website Expansion

"Nelson Mandela," 6" x 4 1/2", head study, egg tempera in progress on Strathmore board © Mona Diane Conner 2009

"Old Friend," 5 1/2" x 4 1/2", egg-oil emulsion over egg tempera on panel © Mona Diane Conner 2009

I'm posting an update on the pastel of Terry tomorrow in order to let you know first that behind the scenes over the past several weeks, website expansion has been my weekend project.  There are approximately 25 newly posted images, including several additional portraits, such as the two posted here, and a retrospective of my career as an illustrator in the "Illustrations" and "Nature, Animals and Flowers" categories.  Not even my family members have seen all of these images, so I hope it will be a source of enjoyment for friends, colleagues, and family as well as prospective clients, that the website is more rounded out now.

The topics I've been asked to paint as an illustrator in particular have been quite various, and if you've enjoyed my work as a portrait painter, you may also enjoy seeing this other side of my work when you have time to take another look at


DEB said...

You sure are ambitious! Wonderful paintings, as usual!

Kathleen Coy said...

I really enjoyed your website Mona. It makes me want to re-do mine, lol!

Mona said...

Thanks Deb and Kathleen.

Kathleen, apart from it's lovely art, your website is so well-articulated (commission info., etc.), so I take inspiration from you as well. Especially appreciate your artist statement.

artbyakiko said...

Beautiful portraits! Your website looks really nice and easy to navigate. Definitely more works than before. I just had to go though all the paintings again and fell in love with "It's my turn"; it's so cute!!

Mona said...

Thanks Akiko. "It's My Turn" was done for a textbook project for "English as a second language", so it was interesting in that the students were supposed to learn the word associations based on the images they saw.