Monday, June 1, 2009

Miniature Eye Portraits of Terry and Kimberly

sketch for Terry's left eye portrait 
(shown larger - actual dimension is 3/4" diameter)
sketch for Kimberly's #1 left eye portrait (3/4" diameter)
sketch for Kimberly's #2 left eye portrait (3/4" diameter)

On my miniature blog this week I am painting miniature eye portraits of my friend, fellow artist and blogger Kathleen Coy and her husband Jason, (thanks Kathleen!!) so I thought it would also be fun to try some miniature eye portraits of several of the women I have been doing spiritual portraits of, especially because of how our eyes,---even just one eye,---are an expression of our spirit.

Above are three sketches I have prepared to paint.  I'm trying two portraits of Kimberly's left eye, from two different photo references, because it's very interesting to see how much one eye can change with just a shift in the angle, lighting, or facial expression.  See my posts on the Ruby Slippers for more information about the charming tradition of miniature eye portraits or "lover's eyes".


DEB said...

"Looking" good!!

L.Holm said...

love these sketches, Mona. It is amazing how much information is conveyed with subtle shifts. I'm off to Ruby Slippers now....

artbyakiko said...

What a great project! Eyes are my favorite part of the (animal) body to paint.

Mona said...

Thanks ladies. More coming soon.