Sunday, January 25, 2009

"The 'Mary' in Karen"

"The 'Mary' in Karen," 6"W x 4"H, egg tempera on panel miniature

I'd like to begin sharing with you my journey of working on this spiritual portrait series with what I have done so far, with the idea of posting continually on my progress.  So far I have portrayed three women, and here is the first painting I have done.  The Divine Feminine within Karen, as I see it, is Mary.

I thought I knew what the 'Mary' in Karen was, but when I painted this painting I found out that God had a better idea than I did, and it spurred an entire series from this one tiny miniature.  More on God's idea later,--- but do you see, if it is inherent in Karen's spiritual nature, what the 'Mary' within Karen is?

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