Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Early Influences

In my early life there was only one occasion when I got to stay up late in my jammies and watch two painters....when my Mom decided to sit down alongside my Grandma Conner and try to learn from watching her how to paint. I thought it was very exciting, their paintings thrilled me, and I will always remember it as a time that was an important influence upon my early life as a painter.


DEB said...

Is that cutey patootey in front you?! It's easy to see where you got your talent from. Your mom and grandmother have the gift.

Kathleen Coy said...

What a treasure this photo is. Wow Mona, talent certainly runs in your family!

Mona said...

That's me in front, yes. I only turned around long enough for my Grandpa to take the shot because I was intent on watching.

I will have to pass your compliments on to my Mom.
She didn't pursue painting after this, but I agree with you, she had the perspective, the colors, everything, all lining up beautifully in the landscape she was painting here.

Dean Grey said...

How cute, Mona!

A wonderful post.

It would be awesome if you could show us one of your grandmother's or mother's paintings here.

I'd love to see how their style differs from yours.


Anonymous said...

Mona, this is an awesome photo. I love things like this. Generations of art wow. Thanks for sharing.

Mona said...

Thanks Dean and Alex. If I can find the painting of Grandma's that I've saved, I'll share it down the road on the blog. (It's in my sisters attic.)

David Lobenberg said...

Wow!!Cool painting indeed!!