Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An update and more progress on Lil and Mike

A detail from the portrait

 My portrait of Lil and Mike in progress, with more on the figures and background still to come

I've been working more slowly on work this year due to several health concerns, including some heart surgery for a congenital arrhythmia in late April, but here is one of the projects I count very special, still in progress.  There will be a garden-like background behind the figures in the inset portion of the panel, and we are also considering a wisteria vine, which as a symbol will take the figures in one way forward in time, and in another way, outside of time.  More on it as soon as I can return to work on this one, and here is a new website for my work in portraiture in general that will launch officially this summer -- a sneak peek in progress for you here:  monaconner.com